About Us

Welcome to Bad Baggers Inc. As today’s touring bikes (baggers) are becoming ever increasingly popular, so is the desire to customize them. Making your bagger one of a kind is just as exciting as hitting the road for a long ride! We at Bad Baggers quickly became tired of the regular visits to the local bike shops searching through the same old factory add ons which everyone else already had on their baggers. We wanted to make our bikes unique showing our own individual styles. That desire to design our own custom accessories and help people create their dream pieces is why we created Bad Baggers Inc. Our parts are hand crafted and made in the USA. The products we make start from billet aluminum and are CNC machined to provide quality and integrity. As well as producing our current line of products we can also assist in designing and producing any custom parts that you may need for your bagger build. We look forward to assisting you in your pursuit of individuality for your Bad Bagger!